Positive Highlights from 2017

It’s easy for many of us to look back at last year and think ‘what the heck was that?!’ but a lot of good things happened too. I decided to look back at my year and find reasons to express gratitude. As I started making my list, I was reminded of how many wonderful experiences I’d forgotten. Here are some of my positive highlights from 2017!

I became an aunt for the eighth time when my niece Robyn was born!


I held my own mini bridal expo and 13 brides came!


I photographed 15 weddings!


I reached 500 likes on my Facebook page


I spent Christmas surrounded by family. I also got to spend my Dad’s birthday with him!


I launched my second brand, Sweet Girl Photos


There’s so many reasons to be grateful for last year if you just take the time to think on it. What happened in 2017 that makes you feel gratitude? Leave a comment.

Gernelle NelsonComment