Lovers Dare for the Holiday Season

December may be the most romantic month of the year. There’s sparkly lights everywhere you look. Love stories are played in heavy rotation on Netflix. People are getting engaged left and right. Just makes a girl want to swoon. Now that we’re three days away from Christmas, I’m issuing a lovers dare for the holiday season. Here are two ways to make your days merry and bright.

Idea: Dim the lights, turn on the slow jams and dance by the lights of the Christmas Tree

Lovers Dare: If you want to up the romance factor go out to the local shopping center. There’s bound to be a glowing display of Christmas light somewhere. Bundle up if it’s cold out and start walking down the decked out lanes of shops, hand in hand. Bring along some coffee or hot chocolate to warm you up from the inside out. Once you find the perfect spot, slip in your ear buds or Airpods so you both can hear the same music. Then hold each other close and dance under the night sky, no matter who is watching. Close your eyes if needed, whatever it takes to help you drift into your own world together. On another note, don’t be surprised if someone snaps a pic and posts it on Instagram, LOL.


Idea: Find a charity and donate funds and toys to the needy

Lovers Dare: Take this a step further and volunteer some of your time together as a pair. Donating your time and efforts to help others will bring you closer together. My husband and I love doing this dare! While we were seniors in college, we spent hours at a kiosk in the mall wrapping Christmas gifts in exchange for donations for our chapter of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. Once year we donned on our holiday apparel, complete with santa hats, and posted up outside of a grocery store to raise money for the Salvation Army. We smiled, opened doors, rang bells and wish all whom approached a happy holiday. It’s never too late to volunteer. Google your local non-profit and ask them how you can volunteer your time together this season.

I pray that all your needs are met this season. Have a Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year. I’ll see you in 2018!

Gernelle NelsonComment