The Best Wedding Gift Ever + My Goals for 2018

My husband and I received a lot of great gifts when we got married, many of which we still use all the time. But the best wedding gift ever came in the form of a card. No, it wasn’t from a family member or long lost friend. This card came directly from, wait for it….. President Barack Obama and Michelle Obama! This is not a joke, it really happened, look at the pic if you don’t believe me.

 The Obamas sent us a letter to congratulate us on our wedding! This is the best wedding gift ever!

In 2011, when the Obamas were still running the country (oh how I miss their leadership) two young lovers were about to unite in marriage. I knew it was a long shot, but I’d seen how POTUS and FLOTUS 44 would make surprise visits to people on Youtube. So I sent them a wedding invitation and crossed my fingers. They weren’t able to come to our nuptials but they did take the time to draw up this card. I was thrilled, thank you President Obama! Thank you Mrs. Obama! You made this young couple feel valued and started off our union with a bang!

And now to talk about a few of my goals for 2018.

Goal One: I will travel out of town and out of state more in 2018

I didn’t leave the corporate world just so I could stay in the exact same spot I did previously. What’s the point of having all this freedom and not using it? The nomadic lifestyle has always appealed to me but I wasn’t sure how to make it a possibility for my own life. Recently, I noticed that some of my friends in other states expressed wanting to work with me on photography projects. That’s when it dawned on me that I could be traveling and working at the same time. I could partner up with clients out of town and go exploring in my free time. Los Angeles is at the top of my travel list! I can spend time with my brother who lives there, make new connections, create new images and have some fun along the way. I’m getting excited just thinking about it!

Goal Two: I will photograph 50 or more couples

Now that I’ve niched my company down further to elopements and couples, I’m excited to start capturing love stories all over the nation and beyond. If I’m going to work with 50 couples this year, I’ve got to go where the lovers go. This year I’ll be taking samples of my work everywhere I go and setting up shop at events like crazy. Instead of spending thousands on one booth at a bridal show, I’m going to see what I can do with exposure at multiple events happening year round. Every time I work with a couple this year, I’m going to print out a 4x6 image from the session and put it on my goal wall at home. By December I expect that wall to be overflowing with the love between the many couples I’ll have built relationships with this year.

Do you want to be photographed with your lover this year? If so, head over to my lovers only page and fill out my lovers form. I’ll contact you from there to hear all of your romantic, fun and steamy lifestyle photo shoot ideas. Happy 2018!


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