Chris and Andrea’s Starlit Wedding - Eagle Historic Warehouse, Hillsboro, TX

 Grey wedding dress, silver shoes and moon and stars celestial accessories for the bride.

My Wedding Wardrobe Malfunction

On March 31st, my husband and I packed up my camera gear and hit the road for Hillsboro, TX. Three hours prior to start time, we checked in with Andrea and headed up to our hotel room. That’s when I made a shocking discovery. The navy blue dress I was going to wear to this wedding hadn’t been packed and all I had on were sweats. Yikes! Instead of resting up like we planned, we hopped back in the car and drove up the road to find a quick replacement dress. Wardrobe crisis averted; on to the wedding!

A wedding as unique as the bride and groom

Chris and Andrea chose “Written in the Stars” as their wedding theme. Walking into the bridal suite, I was greeted by Andrea and the ladies of her wedding party. All of them had dyed their hair blue or purple to mimic the colors of the night sky. Andrea added a crescent moon and stars to her hair and I instantly thought of Sailor Moon. There were other celestial elements too. The cake topper, centerpieces and decor all featured stars, moons and suns. Twinkle lights adorned the ceremony backdrop and sweethearts table. The bridesmaids wore multi-styled navy blue dresses. Andrea wore a lovely grey gown that showed off her colorful tattoos. Chris and his groomsmen wore grey suits that complimented the bride’s dress.

After a touching ceremony, everyone kicked back and enjoyed the festivities. There were games, great food (and I mean great!!) and plenty of laughs. Andrea’s sister and maid of honor signed a love song. Guests danced inside and outside of the venue space as the sun disappeared behind the horizon. I loved everything about their wedding and reception. One of my favorite things about working with Andrea and Chris was knowing that they’d added their own spin to each part of the day.

Instead of throwing a bouquet, Andrea tossed a pink kitty, deeming the person who caught it as the next person to adopt a cat. Chris did most of the cake cutting and they opted for feeding themselves the first slice since feeding each other didn’t really suit their personalities. Near the end of the night, it was only fitting that they have a sparkler sendoff. They did things their own way, in their own style and their own time.

That’s the way love goes.

Gernelle NelsonComment