Why You Need to Hire a Professional Wedding Photographer; NOT a Hobbyist

Let’s face it, weddings and elopements are expensive. Many couples are tempted to ask a friend or cheap hobbyist to photograph their wedding. After all, anyone can take pictures right? Wrong. I’m going to tell you why hiring a professional wedding photographer is going to be one of the best decisions you’ll make during your engagement.

 If you hire a cheap photographer, you're gonna wind up with cheap looking photos!

This is going to be one of the best days of your lives

Whether you’re having a private backyard wedding or eloping in Spain, the pictures need to look as awesome as you're going to feel that day. No matter how much you spend on your dress, the venue, the decor or food, the only proof that you’ll have of this wonderful day are your photographs. It’s true, anyone can take a picture but not everyone can capture the love between people. One of the reasons people elope abroad are the unique breathtaking views that are unique to the area. It’s not everyday that you marry the love of your life in paradise. While you’re eloping in New York, Greece or Bali, bring the same person who took your gorgeous engagement photos back home with you when you travel out of state or abroad. They’ll be able to capture your first moments as a married couple and the splendor of a Venetian sunset. Not only that, a professional can make an elopement at the courthouse look magazine worthy. That’s why even brides with most modest budgets should seek out an experienced professional.

Couples spend between $13,000 and $31,000 for their weddings. With all that money on the table, it can be tempting to go cheap on a photographer. Some friends of mine made this mistake a few years ago by asking their friend who owned a ‘fancy’ camera to take pictures at their wedding. When they got the photos back, they were in shock. Out of the hundreds of photos they received, they could only pick out a handful that looked decent. The rest were blurry, too bright, and awkwardly captured. They saved some money by asking her to do the job but they lost priceless memories that can never be replicated. If you’re gonna spend all this time and cash planning the perfect day, don’t sabotage your efforts by hiring the cheapest person you can for photography.

Professional wedding photographers will make everyone look good

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard a bride say “We’re kinda awkward on camera” during our first in person consultation. I’ll tell you a secret. It’s not your job to know what looks good on camera, that’s the professional’s job! I’m not talking about the people who photoshop the heck out of their images to make you look like someone else. A great photographer understands how to flatter any body type with posing, choosing the best spots on location and grouping people together. They notice little details like upturned collars, random objects in the background and understand how light affects the outcome of an image. But none of this matters unless you trust your photographer’s guidance.

Last year I photographed a White Rock Lake wedding. The room where the bride was going to get dressed in was small, dimly lit and muggy. There was no way I was going to get those pretty getting ready photos that she asked for in that space. I walked around the building until I found a large empty room with several windows and nothing hanging on the walls. After gently explaining why the room my bride had chosen wouldn’t be a good environment for what she was hoping to get, she agreed to get ready in the room I selected. In the end, when she was able to compare photos of the two rooms side by side, she was so grateful that she’d agreed to moving to another location for this part of her day. If she hadn’t trusted me as having her best interest in mind and ignored my advice, she would have ended up with pictures that probably would never have seen the light of day.

If you’re ready to meet a professional with over ten years of experience, schedule a complimentary consultation with me today. I want to hear all about your plans and help you create the wedding photos of your dreams. Every couple should have incredible photos of the day they commit their lives to each other. The only way to ensure that is hire an experienced professional wedding photographer that you can trust. A hobbyist can make your $25,000 wedding look like a $500 wedding. A friend could virtually take photos that aren’t much better than the ones your mom could with her smartphone. You’ll never have a second chance to get it right if the pictures end up blurry or overexposed. What you spend in money, you’ll gain in images that you, your children and your grandchildren will cherish forever.

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