How to Find your Dream Wedding Photographer

 Finding your dream wedding photographer doesn't have to be a game of hide and seek. Here are some tips!

Every bride can book their dream wedding photographer if she plans ahead.

Back in college, while chatting with a friend in my dorm room, the topic of marriage came up. Before I knew it, she was swooning around my room, filling my ear with every little detail of her dream wedding. I can still picture the smile on her face as she told me where she wanted to go for her honeymoon. Did I mention that she didn’t even have a boyfriend?

Well, unlike my single friend, you’re about to marry the man or woman of your dreams.  Even as I type, I know you’re out there brainstorming and checking off your wedding day to do list. But once the festivities are over and you’ve settled into married life, all that’s left are your memories and the photographs. You won’t have to rely on smartphone pics that your friends posted on social media because today, I’m going to tell you how to find the wedding photographer of your marital dreams.

As soon as you’ve chosen your wedding date, hire a wedding photographer.


Before spending thousands of dollars on other wedding day details, find, interview and hire an amazing wedding photographer. The best way to select your wedding photographer is by the quality of their work and personality. An amazing photographer can make a modestly budgeted wedding look like an upscale affair. Even if you’re getting married in your backyard, an experienced wedding photographer with the right equipment will help you make the most of your location so you’ll have magazine worthy wedding photos to cherish forever. It’s ok to cut the budget in some areas, but when it comes to photos, only invest in the best. Always avoid the cheapest options.

Get more than just photos of your wedding day.

There are so many perks to booking a wedding photographer early. The earlier you book, the more you can get because you’ll have time to cover the costs. Besides an engagement session, brides can have their entire wedding experience document. Imagine, you could have your bridal brunch and rehearsal dinner photographed too! Some brides like adding bridal boudoir so they can surprise their husbands with a look book for his eyes only. Other brides even splurge on honeymoon photography so they can enjoy themselves without having to pause for selfies.

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If you’re newly engaged and looking for a wedding photographer who specializes in bright editorial style photos, you have found one! I use my graphic design degree and 10 years of photography experience to make the most of any location so my brides and grooms can have the wedding photos of their dreams. Contact me today to learn how you can get everything you want captured beautifully. You can either schedule a consult online or reach me directly via text or phone call. My number is 972-364-7815. I’m happy to give you my full presentation at your home, a local meet up spot or virtually via video conference.

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