You bring the love, I'll bring the camera


My hope is that you find a deeper love for each other every time you look at your photographs of your intimate wedding or elopement.I’ll take care of scheduling and organizing people so the two of you can just take your time. I will do everything in my power to create images that reflect the radiance of the day. Getting to know you is my first priority. The better I understand who you are as a couple, the better I’ll be at taking photos that resonate with your hearts desires.

My couples place a high value on their wedding day photography. They know that these moment will be their first family heirlooms. These are the photographs they’ll show their children as they tell the story of how their happily ever after first began. If you and your partner want images that will spread your legacy of love to future generations, contact me today to set up a consultation. We’ll meet in person and find out if we’re a match made in heaven.

More About Gernelle

I’ve been married to my college sweetheart since 2011. Brandon is the most lovable guy I’ve ever met. When he’s available, he often accompanies me to weddings as my lighting director or second shooter. Outside of work we like to record our dates and trips so we can look back on the good times. Good times, life’s journey and gratitude. That’s what this whole love thing is about. These are the values on which I base every aspect of my work. I will capture your good times. I will be by your side during the crazy wonderful awe inspiring moments that life brings. As I tell your stories through photography, I’m filled with gratitude knowing that you’ll be able to relive these precious moments for the rest of your lives.

After graduating from Jackson State University with an art degree (Magna Cum Laude), I started working in the corporate world as a graphic designer. It didn’t take long for me to realize that I was miserable. I wanted to have a job that let me make a living while serving people who truly love each other on a schedule that allow me to prioritize time with my family over everything else. After many prayers and encouraging conversations with my husband, I established my LLC. March 31st, 2016 was my last day working in a corporate cubicle. I’ve been free to collaborate with awesome couples locally and abroad ever since.

It’s not everyday you get to spend one on one time with the love of your life. To make the most of your time together, I’ll come and photograph your romantic date or road trip to Austin or even a cuddle session at home. My goal is to get you away from the typical city park or botanical garden shoot and capture real moments in places that have meaning to you.  The first time I did this was when I worked with Andrea and Chris.

They loved my work after looking at my sample albums. Andrea asked me if I could take photos of her and Chris while they explored a carnival that had pulled into town. I gladly accepted their invitation. This was my chance to capture something new! On the day of the session, I drove an hour from my little apartment in North Texas to meet them in Fort Worth. It was worth the drive! I loved following them around with my camera as they played carnival games, slide down the huge whimsical slide and shared kisses on the Ferris Wheel. After that, I knew I'd never go back to boring basic photo shoots.

Now that I'm not tied down by mediocrity, I'm actively seeking couples who are hitting the road (and the skies) for romantic adventures together. I want to photograph real moments of people in love all over the world. If you have an out of the box, adventurous or romantic idea for a photography session with the love of your life, send me a message.